Benefits of Postnatal

Now that you’ve fully cooked up your little cookie, It’s now the time to think of yourself. Pregnancy and childbirth are massive strains for the mum’s physical and psychological health due to the massive changes which occur. As a result, recovery is also a long process and although some physical changes can never be fully reversed, exercising regularly from early on during the postnatal period helps you to get back in shape quicker.

Embarking on a ‘recovery and getting back in shape’ journey with Aqua Mummies also ensures that you are meeting other new mums who are in the same life stage as yourself – giving you the opportunity to share experiences and make new friends.

Our Postnatal Aqua Classes are run by midwives who have undergone specialised Aquanatal training accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and are thus able to appropriately guide every new mum towards a safe and steady recovery. This ensures that every exercise practiced during class is appropriate and safe for all our clients..

Embarking on a ‘recovery and getting back in shape’ journey with AquaMummies also ensures that you meet new mums going through the same stage in life.

Physical Benefits of Postnatal Aqua Classes.
Regaining Muscle Tone: Abdominal, Back and Pelvic Floor Muscles

Strengthen your core: Water supports your weak abdominal muscles, and provides gentle resistance as you slowly start regaining muscle tone.

Strengthen your pelvic floor: The pelvic floor is massively mistreated during pregnancy and childbirth. Water acts as a supportive medium for the extensively damaged pelvic floor, there is no direct impact and thus exercises held to improve muscle tone are very effective.

Improve posture and reduce back pain: The increased size and weight of the abdomen and breasts left your back muscles very weak. The warm water supports your spine, greatly reducing the risks of injury, whilst also reducing muscle pain as you work to regain muscle tone and improve your posture.

Full Body Workout : Strong and Fit Mums

Aerobic Workouts: Increasing your heart rote making sure you get a great workout!

Increased Resistance: Water provides additional resistance, making exercises challenging, especially if aqua equipment is used.

Arms Workouts: to ensure that you are strong enough to carry your baby and all your shopping bags in one go!

Water acts as Supportive Medium: Ensuring little or no muscle soreness after exercising, so that you are still strong enough to take care of your little ones afterwards.

Getting back in shape: Promotes post pregnancy weight loss, helping you shed those extra kilograms quicker.

Psychological Wellbeing

Time dedicated for yourself!

Gives you the energy boost needed to handle your powerful little army at home.

Better Sleep Quality!

Meeting other mums: sharing experiences and a reminder that you are not alone!

Feeling good about yourself!

Release of the Happy Hormones: promoting positive emotions and reducing risks of Postnatal Depression.


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