A New Beginning!

How are you all? Oh how we have missed you!

We’re coming to you with some GOOD NEWS!

The past months have been very challenging for all of us, and we are sure that this has been the case even more so for you! But the day we have been waiting for, is finally here! We are very happy to inform you that we are finally on our way back to business!

We have been strictly following the Ministry of Health’s Guidelines & Recommendations and we are now happy to let you know that since the current Covid-19 situation seems to be under-control, we feel confident enough to re-start our classes over the coming week or so. Our target re-opening date is the week starting Monday 15th June. We will be communicating our official re-opening date and our new classes schedule over the coming days.

We believe that exercise is very important for the new mums, mums-to-be and their babies’ health and well-being. Nonetheless, your health and safety remains our top priority and hence we have been thinking very hard about the measures which we will be putting in place to ensure that you can restart attending our classes safely and confidently.

After lots of thinking, together with the YUE Management, we have agreed on a list of new measures which we will be implementing, and which will be effective during the coming months; ‘The Covid-19 Transition Period’, until everything goes back to ‘normal’. Unfortunately, we have had to give some things up, in order to make it all work, but we are sure that you will understand.

Please read our Aqua Mummies – Covid-19 Guidelines.

We Need Your Help!

As we are preparing to restart holding our antenatal and postnatal aqua classes, we kindly ask you to read these new guidelines carefully.One of the biggest changes with our classes is that we will be accepting only a very limited number of participants per class. Hence, in order for everything to run as smooth as possible, and to be able to accommodate each and every one of you, we would like your cooperation to help us create our new classes schedule.

We would greatly appreciate if you could all kindly get back to us, and inform us of the following:

1. Whether you wish to re-start attending our classes, starting in June

2. And if you would be interested in attending Morning or Evening Classes

This can be done either via email on [email protected] or by contacting us through our social media.

Kindly note that you need to wait at least 6 weeks after a normal delivery or 8 weeks after a cesarean section before returning to exercise and starting our Postnatal Aqua Classes. During our Postnatal Aqua Classes, we focus on recovery after childbirth. We mainly work on the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor, helping you regain tone and strength by starting off slowly and increasing the resistance gradually. For more information about our Postnatal Aqua Classes please see here.

Your feedback and any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
We look forward to hearing back from you and to see you all very soon!
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